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The JASED s.r.o. company runs the ski resorts KAŠOVÁ and LEHOTA in the Jasenská dolina valley. JASENSKÁ DOLINA is one of the best known valleys in the Veľká Fatra Mountain range. It lies 12 km to the south-east of Martin, next to the village Belá-Dulice. It is well-known and popular with tourists all the year round.
The most popular ski resort is in KAŠOVÁ. The center lies in the lower part of the Jasenská dolina valley (2,5 km from the village Belá-Dulice). The valley is easily accessible through the main road, leading from Belá-Dulice.  The northern slopes in KAŠOVÁ are treated, visited by beginners as well as advanced skiers. The 4-seat chairlift ENTERPRISE has considerably reduced the waiting period of skiers.
The ski resort  LEHOTA lies in the middle part of the Jasenská valley (1 km to the east of the resort KAŠOVÁ). Lehota is suitable mainly for advanced skiers. Although the slopes are treated skiing quality depends on snow conditions.
More information on www.jasenskadolina.sk

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