JánKollár Museum – Mošovce

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The JánKollár Museum in Mošovce stands on the original place where the birth house of JánKollár was once. After the fire in 1863, only the granary, which has served as a memorial room since 1983, has been preserved. A replica of the original house has stood here since 2009 and it has been open to the public since August 2010. The museum exposition was created here with the help of the Municipal Office in Mošovce and the Slovak National Literary Museum in Martin. The curator and screenwriter of the museum exhibition is PhDr. JozefBeňovský.

The entrance to the exhibition begins in the original granary, where visitors can see what this space was used for in the past (storage of crops – cereals, vegetables and fruits, but the granary also served as storage space for the cage, wooden shackles, etc.). You can continue to another part, where a small kitchen is installed on the right side, complete with period drawings of the birth house of Ján Kollár by Ján Bibza. On the left side, the panel part captures the life of Ján Kollár from birth, studies to priestly work in Lobeda, Germany.

The panel part is complemented by various editions of Kollár’s Memoirs from the younger years of life and individual editions of books and promotional material related to Mošovce. Another room captures the work of Ján Kollár from the first edition of Poems by Ján Kollár, Slávydcéra from 1824 and 1832, the edition of National Songs, works on literary reciprocity. The panel part ends with the work of Ján Kollár in Pest in the years 1819-1849.

The last period of Ján Kollár’s life in Vienna, his death, burial and transport of the remains to Prague in 1904, are captured by panels in the last room of the exhibition. The exhibition is enlivened by photographs from 1863 from the visit of the great-granddaughter of Ján Kollár during the unveiling of the statue of Ján Kollár by Franň Štefunka on the square in Mošovce. The room is stylishly complemented by a period Richtár table with chairs, a city carved chest from 1862, a bust by Melniczke, which was donated to Mošovciam in 1983 by the great-granddaughter of Ján Kollár Ľudmila.

Here you can get acquainted with the biography and bibliography of Ján Kollár, you will find newer editions of Ján Kollár’s works and publications about him.


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