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What do you dream about? - exhibition

8. September 2023 - 10. October 2023

"The dream is naturally clear in itself, that is, as it must be under the circumstances. That is to say, dreams only appear opaque and jumbled when we don't understand them." (C. G. Jung)

"A dream can be perceived, evaluated and understood from several perspectives (psychology, neurology, etc.), which agree in linking the dream with emotions and experienced events. The dream contains something mysterious and mystical, which has made it the subject of interest for various artists, writers and poets and, for some of them, an important source of inspiration.

This situation also occurs in the case of Mira Jankes' artistic output, which is very diverse, as it spans a period of several decades. During these years he has been involved in drawing, painting, graphic art, film, land art and photography. Almost the entire range of his work to date is also connected with words or text, through which he explains, complements or comments on his work and often reveals his own sources of inspiration.

The other creative period is again different, this time connected with the interest in C. G. Jung and his depth psychology with the concept of the unconscious. In order to record the images (stories, objects...) seen in dreams, similarly in Miro Jankes' work, a realistic form appears first and foremost, which is subordinated to the most faithful depiction of the object or scene seen. What is important in his work is not an identical continuous artistic expression or one preferred technique. He constructs works based on a memorized "image" through drawings, simple computer visualizations, photographs, collages, etc.

Recording a dream, the interpretation of which deepens the knowledge of oneself, also encourages new creativity in the author/artist, stimulates him/her to use new artistic methods, to experiment or to search for new meanings in already finished works. For example, the author's/artist's older photographs gain new meaning, they are shifted from their original position into new contexts and compositions. The finished works thus reveal a part of their author's unconscious, but at the same time they also have their own status as works of art; they would stand up even without knowledge of deeper contexts. They are characterized by precise composition, reduced color, image manipulation, play with lines, humor, visual appeal, but also by intimacy, tension, movement (in transformations), suggesting connections, and incorporating not only the author's consciousness and unconsciousness, but also his physical presence."

Kristína Zvedelová

The exhibition together with the author Miro Jankes was prepared by the Turčianske Cultural Centre in Martin under the jurisdiction of the Žilina Self-governing Region. The exhibition will be open to the public in the exhibition spaces of the Turčianske Cultural Centre in Martin from 8 September 2023 to 10 October 2023. The opening of the exhibition will take place on 8 September 2023 at 17:00h.


8. September 2023
10. October 2023


Turcian Cultural Centre
Divadelná 656/3
Martin, 03601
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