The Turiec region is a unique place that stretches between two national parks Veľká Fatra and Malá Fatra. From the south, the region is closed by the Kremnické vrchy and the Žiar Mountains. The region also includes 34 protected landscape areas. At present, there are 59 marked hiking trails in the area with a total length of 491.6 km. The most famous are the Blatnická and Gaderská valleys in the Veľká Fatra mountain range, known for their limestone and dolomite formations. The tourist destinations in Lúčanská Malá Fatra include the peaks of Kľak, Veľká Lúka, Krížava, in Kriváňská Mala Fatra they include Kľačianska Magura, Fatranský Kriváň or Chleb. The popularity of the Valčianska valley has grown recently.

The region is rich in natural and mineral springs, including Budiš, Fatra and Kláštorná. You can drink mineral water directly from the spring in the village of Budiš, near Turčianske Teplice.

An important point on the tourist map is also the spa town Turčianske Teplice. Here the tourist can mainly regenerate in the famous spa, or they can visit the Aquapark or swimming pool in Vieska. In Turčianske Teplice there are original historic spa buildings, which, however, are undergoing gradual reconstruction and modernization. The spa park in Turčianske Teplice is also important for tourism.

Turiec together with Liptov are regions with the highest number of cultural and historical monuments in the Slovak Republic. In Turiec, there are 274 registered monuments in the Martin district. The town of Martin has been declared a Center for the National Culture of Slovaks by the government. The highest concentration of museums and galleries is in the Turiec region within Slovakia. Some of them are unique, such as Fire Museum in Martin, etc..

There are several castle ruins in the region, for example Blatnica castle, Sklabiňa castle or Zniev castle.