Castle Zniev

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Zniev Castle on a rocky peak at an altitude of 985 m is the oldest known castle in Turiec and the highest castle in Slovakia. King Belo IV. built a new castle after the Tartar invasion called “castrum Thurucz” – Turiec castle. The castle protected the entrance to Turiec on the old trade route from Ponitrie and was the first settlement of the Turiec county. However, the settlement of the county later changed to a larger, more accessible Sklabinský Castle.

The originally powerful settlement of the Turiec landowner paid for its inaccessibility. In 1681, the castle was burned down by Tököli’s insurgents and has not been repaired since. Only the remains of a square tower and the lower foundations of a longitudinal residential building have been preserved in the ruins.

How to get to it?

Zniev Castle, as the 2nd highest castle in Slovakia (985 m above sea level), is located in Mala Fatra above the village of Kláštor pod Znievom. It is a more demanding ascent along the green sign from the cemetery in the village which lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes.


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