Roman Caatholic church of St. Ondrej – Sebeslavce

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Above the road leading from Blatnice below Blatnice Castle to Folkušová, stands one of the most mysterious churches in the Turiec region. In summer, you need to know its exact location to find it, because it is completely hidden in the shade of the mighty trees that surround it. It is more visible in winter, when the trees do not have leaves.

The first church above the settlement of Sebeslavce was built sometime in the middle of the 12th century. This means that it is one of the oldest in the whole region. Until 1837, there was a medieval single-cell church from the 13th century with a polygonal presbytery. It didn’t have a tower. Along with the demise of the village, the importance of the church declined and during the 18th century and the first third of the 19th century it was unused and dilapidated.

The current building is a hall classicist building with a rectangular end of the presbytery, without a tower. It was created by reconstruction using the remains of the original building at the initiative of Barons Ján and Juraj Révai. After extensive reconstruction, during which, among other things, the Gothic sanctuary and sacristy were demolished, only the original portal in the form of a broken arch has been preserved from the Gothic period. The church has smooth facades with thermal windows, the roof is hipped with a small bell tower.



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