Roman Catholic Church of St. Cosmos and Damian – Abramova

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Abramová lies on the way from Martin to Prievidza. The small village is exceptional for its church, which stands among the fields on a hill above the village. The church is one of the most photographed in the whole region.

Roman Catholic Church of St. Cosmos and Damian is a single-nave early Gothic building with a rectangular end of the presbytery and a rebuilt tower from the end of the 13th century. The first written mention of the church comes from the 1330th.


The church was rebuilt in the 17th century. In 1927, a tower with a pyramidal helmet was added. Next to the church there is a cemetery with several earthen tombs and a mausoleum of the Országh family. The church is not only a historical but also an artistic dominant of the whole area.


Photos Mário Veverka, Ján Farský
Text: faj
Source Turiec medzi Fatrami publikácia


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