Sklabiňa Castle

Martin Sightseeing Guide

In the beautiful nature at the foothill of the Great Fatra lies the Sklabiňa Castle. Today it is a soulless and yet majestic ruin. Many castles can be seen from afar and dominate their surroundings. Sklabiňa Castle is different. Everyone who passes through the Turiec basin, or from Martin towards Sklabiňa, is looking in vain for a castle, they can’t see it. It is hidden in the foothills of the Great Fatra so that you can see it only in close proximity. As if his position hid his historical secrets from us. On the other hand, there is a scenic view from the highest point of the castle.

On one side Katova skala, and on the other side Malá Fatra with Martinské hoľa, Malý Kriváň, Veľký Kriváň and Chleb. A view of almost the whole of Turiec, so that nothing escapes the attention of the ancient powerful lords of the castle. This is exactly the history of this castle – mysterious and at the same time inseparably inscribed in the history of the Turiec. As a new owner of the castle, the Donjon civic association strives to revive it and gradually introduce it to you. Come and get to know the largest castle of the Turiec basin.

How to reach it? You can get to it by car on a stony road. The car can also be parked by the main road and walk to the castle across the meadow. The walk takes about 10 minutes. It takes about 15 minutes on foot to get to the castle from the village of Sklabinský Podzámok.


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