Fire brigade Museum – SIM complex

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The tour of the museum consists of an exposition of horse and hand fire engines, an exposition of motorized fire engines, a department of armaments and equipment, a collection of international uniforms and two expositions of fire trucks. The exhibits are located in three different buildings within the SIM complex. In the area there is also a small ZOO farm, barbecue areas, sports fields and a pumptrack track.

Voluntary fire brigades are among the oldest interest organizations in the Slovak Republic, regardless of religion, nationality or political affiliation. At the same time, even today they are among the most numerous organizations with representation in almost every municipality. The basic characteristics of its members are selfless dedication, enthusiasm and devotion, often passed down from generation to generation, together with the material and technical equipment of individual armories.

The fact that they do this mission with love and devotion is evidenced by many things and, among other things, that in armories throughout the Slovak Republic there are many preserved and often still functional hand and motor fire engines and other firefighting material from the last and previous century. With the intention of the public learning about these departments, their activities, and technology, the Civic Association Fire Brigade Priekopa was founded on April 24, 2007.

As one of the main goals in its statutes, it was possible to build a museum in the field of firefighting in Slovakia, manage it and constantly increase its activities and supplement it with historically valuable material. In a short time, the association managed to expand its collection and, in cooperation with the city of Martin, opened the Fire Museum in the former SIM military warehouses in 2014.
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