Roman Catholic Church of St. Barbara – Jazernica

A small village located in the flat center of the Turiec basin offers the visitor two pearls to admire. An exceptional natural monument and a unique historical monument. Right on the southern edge of […]

Roman Caatholic church of St. Ondrej – Sebeslavce

Above the road leading from Blatnice below Blatnice Castle to Folkušová, stands one of the most mysterious churches in the Turiec region. In summer, you need to know its exact location to find it, because it is […]

Evangelic church – Necpaly

The Reformation has a long and rich tradition in Necpaly, as in the Turiec in general. The first evangelical priest is documented in Necpaly as early as 1593. The local evangelicals used the old church of St. Ladislav until […]

Private aviation museum Tomčany

The civic association was officially established on July 8, 2005. The founding members of the museum are Ing. Peter Mazák, Ing. Marián Themár, Vladimír Janíček, Miroslav Karmár and Vladimír Magurský. The aim of the association is the voluntary organization of […]

Museum of the Slovak Village

The museum housing the largest open air ethnographical exhibition in Slovakia introduces the traditional building and housing culture and the way of life in Slovakia in the second half of […]

Martin Benka Museum (now closed – reconstruction)

The museum documents visual art works by a significant, universally oriented artist, painter and illustrator – national artist Martin Benka (1888 – 1971). The authentic environment – his study, studio […]

Museum of Czech Culture in Slovakia 

A permanent exhibition showing the life and work of two significant personalities (original owners of the building) who lived up to the idea and traditions of coexistence of the Czech […]