Veľký Fatranský Kriváň in Malá Fatra

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The highest peak of Malá Fatra offers beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding area. The peak lies in the main ridge of the mountain range and in the central part of Krivánská Fatra. It is bordered on the west by the Pekelník (1,609 m above sea level), on the east by the Snilovské sedlo (1,524 m above sea level) and Chleb (1,645.6 m above sea level). Few people realize that when climbing it, it is necessary to overcome more than 1200 m of ascent, which is more than when climbing Tatranský Kriváň from Štrbské pleso. This challenging hike will definitely test you, but the beauties of Turiec and its surroundings are definitely worth it.

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