Cheese factory Polún – Čremošné

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Polun cheese factory is located in the village of Čremošné. It lies at the southwestern foot of the Veľká Fatra at the junction with the Kremnica Mountains and the Turiec basin in the side valley of the Žarnovica stream. Our farm is located above the village, in a beautiful mountain, quiet environment. Since 2012, our effort has been to advance, increase the environment, which will be an attraction for lovers of sheep farming. In 2019, we launched a small dairy factory. We are glad that we found fans and regular visitors.

Our products are fresh, as the milk is processed daily, immediately after milking. We see the advantage in the fact that our milk is ours and not from other farms. It is not subject to transfer and unnecessary cooling. We do not use preservatives, dyes or stabilizers. We follow traditional production methods.

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