Šútovo waterfall and Chata pod Chlebom

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The route to the Šútovo waterfall is undemanding, ideal for families with children. The sidewalk starts with an asphalt road, the Šútovo stream flows on the right side. It continues through the forest to the cottage called Vodopád with the possibility of refreshments. From the cottage, the trail continues for another 3 km to the Šútovo waterfall, which is the largest in MaláFatra and is one of the most beautiful in Slovakia. More able tourists can continue from the waterfall on a steep path up to the cottage named Chata pod Chlebom and the main ridge of Mala Fatra. We get back on the same sidewalk, or the green marked sidewalk.

Interesting facts

The Šútovo waterfall reaches a height of 38 m and is the largest in MaláFatra.

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