Rafting in Turiec

Rýchla navigácia


Rafting is a great water activity for all tourists, whose love adventure. You can discover beauty of nature from whole new point of view.  Rafting on the river Váh is beautiful and suitable for the beginners. Come and test your own abilities. You can admire nature and Strečno castle from whole new perspective.

You can choose part of the river from Lipovec to Strečno, 14km long route, which is suitable for advanced rafting.

Where to book a rafting trip?

FATRA SKI s.r.o.
M.R.Štefánika 25
036 01 Martin
Tel.: +421-43-430 01 36
Tel. /fax: +421 43 428 53 66
E-mail: fatraski@fatraski.sk


Prvá pltnícka a raftingová spoločnosť s r.o.
Ulica SNP 86
013 24 Strečno
+421 907 196 999

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