Katova skala

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Katova skala is a beautiful peak located near the ruins of the Sklabiňa castle. It is said that the rock was named after a medieval tradition, when uncomfortable people were executed at this place by throwing it off a rock. There is also a legend attached to the place, according to which a girl is cursed in the rock, who did not want to marry a local executioner. According to legend, the girl sits on a golden treasure and only once in 100 years can she say a single word “Free!”. If a brave man is wiling to free her, he will get a beautiful girl along with a treasure. The way to the top is steep but not very demanding and will take you around 1 hour 30 minutes. The reward for the climb is a beautiful view of the Veľká Fatra, small part of Lúčanská Malá Fatra and part of the Turiec basin.

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