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Basic facts

  • Ferrata has the official name “Ferrata Mountain Rescue Service”
  • It was officially opened on September 7, 2013
  • It has two variants of the difficulty of the ascent, copying the Pivovarský stream
  • From 21 June 2014, the lower part of the access nature trail was also opened

* Ferrata set is recommended (helmet, seat harness, shock absorber and gloves)

Seasonal closure last from 15th April untill 31st May and from 15th September until 30th October.

Technical parameters:
Difficulty: variant B and variant C
Children over 10 years (recommended)
Accessibility: April – November
Access: 1.5 hours / 440 m / 5 km
Transition: 1.0 hrs. / 300 m / 1 km
Descent: 1.5 hours / 760 m / 7 km


We get to the upper part of the sidewalk from the yellow tourist sign, which starts at the last public transport stop in Stráne. At an altitude of 800 m above sea level. we turn left and continue along the forest road to the stream (1.2 km). In the stream, the sidewalk begins at an altitude of 930 m above sea level. and at an altitude of 1,130 m above sea level. splits. The lighter variant (B) continues straight up and the more demanding variant (C) leads to the right. Both end at the blue tourist sign at a height of about 1,250 m above sea level., which will take us to Martinské hole. There are 3 rest areas with benches and 4 bridging bridges. The sidewalk is one-way and we recommend tourists to use a Ferrata set (helmet, seat harness, shock absorber and gloves).

Helpful tip:

Those interested in Ferrata equipment can contact Pension Ferrata or FATRA SKI on tel. no. 0907202396

If you are looking for a guide, contact kracmer@skialpkrivan.sk by email.

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