Educational trail Tiesňava – Krpeľany

This relatively little-known educational trail was opened in 2015 and is located near the village of Krpeľany. The educational trail is dedicated to the use of nature by humans and will take you through 4 stops that tell you […]

Chata pod Kľačianskou Magurou 1115 m.n.m.

Chata pod Kľačianskou Magurou (colloquially Magura) is one of the most accessible cottage in Turiec. Its surroundings are very nice and offer a beautiful view of Turiec and part of Lúčanská Mala Fatra and part of Veľká Fatra. As the cottage is available all year […]

Chata pod Borišovom and Borišov 1510 m.n.m.

Borišov is a beautiful peak of the Veľká Fatra, which visitors love especially for its beautiful environment. This all-day more demanding tour will test you and you need to set aside enough time […]

Vrútky swimming pool

Outdoor swimming in the heart of a beautifully landscaped natural scenery – all this is offered by the summer swimming pool in Vrútky. Vrútky swimming pool is one of the […]

Swimming pool Drienok

In the summer season we operate 3 swimming pools. Swimming pool 150cm, pool with a slide and Children’s pool. The pools are filled with water from a thermal well with a temperature of 22 C. Opening […]

Vieska Thermal swimming pool

There are two swimming pools available for visitors: swimming pool – 50 meters, with a water temperature from 24°C to 27°C children’s pool, with a water temperature from 27°C to […]

Sunny swimming pool Martin

The Sunny summer swimming pool offers water activities for all ages, regardless of whether or not you are an experienced swimmer. There are two swimming pools available to visitors, namely: a swimming […]

Šútovo waterfall and Chata pod Chlebom

The route to the Šútovo waterfall is undemanding, ideal for families with children. The sidewalk starts with an asphalt road, the Šútovo stream flows on the right side. It continues […]

Katova skala

Katova skala is a beautiful peak located near the ruins of the Sklabiňa castle. It is said that the rock was named after a medieval tradition, when uncomfortable people were executed at this place by throwing it off a rock. […]

Drienok 1268 m.n.m.

The lesser-known Drienok peak is an ideal choice if you want to avoid a large number of visitors and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature. Several routes lead to the top You can […]