Cottage Relax
Piatrová, Vrútky

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Two-storey cottage in the area of Mala Fatra, near the centres of Martinské hole and Jasenská dolina.
The cottage is located in the recreational area Piatrová 22km from Žilina. On the ground floor there is a veranda, kitchen, living room with fireplace, TV, SAT, bathroom and toilet.

Upstairs there are three bedrooms - one 4 bed, one 3 bed and one 2 bed. The kitchen is fully equipped with cooking utensils, PB stove, electric oven, microwave, kettle, fridge with freezer. Bathroom with sink and shower, Hot water, heating by storage stove and fireplace. Garden seating available in summer, fireplace, barbecue, cauldron for goulash and children's playground. Parking in the fenced garden. Chains are recommended in winter.
The surrounding area of Turca offers many opportunities for sport and culture. The town of Martin (about 7km from the cottage) is the historical and cultural centre of Slovakia. There are 3 museums, 2 galleries, a theatre, the National Cemetery and other historical buildings.
The surrounding hills of Velká and Mala Fatra provide many possibilities for summer and winter hiking (three castles), cycling, swimming (Vrútocké swimming pool 4km from the cottage, 3 lakes). In winter, Martinské Hole (by car directly to the lifts about 12km from the cottage) offer excellent skiing and cross-country skiing trails, Jasenská valley and Snowland Valca (about 20 km by car to the lifts) offer slopes for beginners. The Piatrová lift is only 800m from the chalet. In winter it is possible to swim and swim in the indoor pools in Martin.


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