TIN TINA 2pcs souvenir_Markéta Nováková


(2 porcelain objects)

Material and technique: French porcelain, porcelain cast in plaster moulds, fired in an electric kiln at 1280°C.

Dimensions: 8 x 10 cm, volume 150 ml

Made in the studio of Markéta Nováková.

"My souvenir for Martin and Turiec is inspired by the traditional cross stitch embroidery on the manor shirts of the region. I applied a transcription of this embroidery as an embossed decoration on coffee cups. It takes place on the bottom of the cup, on the rim resembling a shirt stand or on the eyelet. In this way I have fixed a beautiful, ephemeral tradition in a durable, unchanging, noble material - porcelain. The textile material is degrading and the tradition of embroidery is fading, but thanks to porcelain it will be here forever... ."



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