Roman Catholic Church of St. Margaret in Turčianske Jasen

The village of Turčianske Jaseno is located about 8 km east of Martin in the picturesque backdrop of the slopes of Veľká Fatra. The village itself was founded in the second half of the 20th century by joining separate villages, Dolní and Horní Jaseno. Both villages were originally formed by the large Jesen family. Over time, the family further branched out and after some time divided into curias. In the village, among other monuments, there is an early Gothic church, first mentioned in writing in 1332, under the patronage of St. Margaret of Antioch, the daughter of a pagan priest who was banished from her parents' house for her Christian faith and later executed under the reign of Emperor Diocletian. It is a single-nave building with no tower and a polygonal-ended presbytery. The construction of the church is most probably connected with the building workshop founded in Kláštor pod Znievom. The building tendencies of two styles - Romanesque and Early Gothic - are intertwined here. The interior of the church is decorated with rare frescoes. In the first half of the 17th century the nave was Renaissance vaulted, the building was adapted to the needs of the Protestants and all the paintings were covered with lime paint. In the 1960s, the church was transferred to the administration of the An Andrej Kmet's Museum in Martin. The fresco decoration in the interior was restored in the late 1990s.

Source: municipality website, internet.





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