In summer you will definitely have somewhere to go in Turci

If you are going to spend a relaxing time in Turčianska Garden in summer, you are doing well.
In addition to beautiful nature, interesting attractions and historical monuments are for you
Several engaging events have been prepared in Upper and Lower Turci and also in the centre of Turca,
Martin. The calendar of summer events in Turci was enriched by several novelties and certainly
even proven stalwarts do not disappoint. Opening of the spa summer in Turčianske Teplice
and summer tourist season in Turci.
Despite the fact that the calendar summer does not start until 21 June, summer tourist season in Turci
this year will start already on Wednesday 29th May in Turčianske Teplice.
The main attraction of the opening of the spa summer in this picturesque spa town
will be four-wheeled veterans this year. Turčianske Teplice is one of the stops
an exceptional ride of historical vehicles around Slovakia called 500 km of Slovak
FIVA World Rally Slovakia 2024. A total of 105 exceptional historical gems on
four wheels you will be able to see in full glory in the center of Turčianske Teplice
between 14:30-17:00. The Veterans Ride is part of the World Ride in the Heart of Europe - World Ride in the
Heart of Europe.
Opening of the spa summer in Turčianske Teplice and the summer tourist season in Turci
will also be dedicated to children, because it will take place just a few days before their biggest holiday,
International Children's Day. For all the children of the visitors of the event are prepared
competitions, fun games, raffle and sweet rewards. The main partner of the event is Modern Spa Turčianske Teplice.

300 thunders - festival of whip-making and crafts.

This absolute novelty shining in the calendar of events coming up in Turci for this
The summer season will be without exaggeration a unique event. "300 thunders is the name
The 1st year of the event, prepared by the regional tourism organisation Žilina
tourist region for the general public in cooperation with the City of Turany. It is a new
the event, which will take place on 15 June from 10 am in Turany - Trusalova, at
meadows opposite the campsite. This event is a continuation of our activities in the promotion of
regions of the Žilina Region, its beauty, attractions and uniqueness. Event 300
is also a continuation of our efforts to support craftsmen from Žilina
of the region, as we also want to promote the quality, beauty and diversity of
little-known but truly exceptional products made by skilful hands
domestic producers. We believe that we have prepared a really attractive programme that will
visitors will enjoy the event. Therefore, we cordially invite you to Turian to experience the original 300 thunders! - said Iveta Chabadová, Executive Director of KOCR Žilina Tourist Region.
"Lower Turiec also deserves to have an event of a regional character and so
the idea of organizing a unique cultural event that could be of interest to the general public was born in the association of like-minded people.After all, folk traditions are a rarity nowadays, but for our Slovak
a culture of our own. We believe that 300 thunders will also appeal to the younger generation
and help preserve the memories and unique traditions of our grandfathers." - said Dušan Novysedlak, Mayor of Turany
The event, which will mark the start of an interesting tradition with its first year in history, will not be
only about the "thundering" of whips in the hands of master whip craftsmen, who will also compete in the discipline
"the loudest crack of the whip." Master blacksmiths and bakers will also demonstrate their art,
potters and other craftsmen, falconers, non-traditional fashion
show and children will enjoy the Kapor Theatre. Regional folklore groups will play in the jump,
Heavenly music from Terchova and the band Arzén. To the All-National Spitting
Shepherd's whips can be registered on the web at
"Shepherd's whips have belonged to our Slovak culture and tradition since time immemorial.
They were used for communication, keeping order in the herd, and eventual ceremony. Sound
whip is so exceptional that it still appeals to many people across the country today
but also abroad. That's why I am very happy that the event 300 BEAUTIFUL
to organize in Turany - Trusalova under the exceptional natural panorama
Little Fatra where I am at home." Said Martin Brxa, folk craftsman

Turčianske honeymoon and vodoslava

The programme of the popular event for the whole family is, as every year, composed
richly and colourfully, so that all visitors will find something to their liking. On Saturday 29 June is
in the charming village of Necpaly near the town of Martin prepared a traditional festive
parade of the Turčianske kingdom of bees and clear water. In the Necpala stream there will be
Necpala millers, craftsmen, folk artists and beekeepers will show off their
art and products, from morning till night various folklore groups will play to singing and jumping
ensembles and musical groups, Tomáš Bezdeda will also perform. Conservationists
from Veľká Fatra National Park will present the secrets of Turčianska nature
and the culmination of a number of competitions for children and adults will be the III. year of the Championship
of the world in carrying water in a leaky bucket.
The traditional event is a joint work of the municipality of Necpaly and the Turčianska Foundation
water company. "The regional tourism organisation Turiec has been since its inception
is a proud partner of this event for a number of reasons. Turčianske Medobranie
and water saliva is unrivalled in our region also because of its ecological character, but

especially because it's a relaxed event for the whole family," stressed the chairman
Dalibor Steindl of the Board of Directors of the tourism organisation Turiec.


The first year of the multi-genre festival will enrich the Turčianske summer in a pleasant environment
Martin amphitheatre on Saturday 13th July. The event was prepared by the Tourist Organisation
Turiec with partners and support of the Ministry of Tourism and Sport of the Slovak Republic.
You can look forward to bands Horkýže slíže, Heľenine oči and Iné kafe, hip-hop scene
will be represented by Majself, Martin's performer Lewel, and Partik will perform in Amfik for the first time
Rhythm Vrbovsky.
The proverbial icing on the cake of LEMON FEST will be the deployment of
state-of-the-art technology and special effects for an unforgettable audio
visual experience.



Region Turiec: Ideal destination for the use of holiday vouchers

Thousands of visitors celebrated the Feast of Water and Bees

In summer you will definitely have somewhere to go in Turci