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Program Suggestions

HZS Via Ferrata:
Martin–Pivovarský potok–Martinské hole–Martin
Krivánska Malá Fatra:
Šútovo–Šútovo Waterfall–Šútovo
Veľká Fatra (Greater Fatra):
Tlstá and Ostrá
Ascent to Lysec
Ascent to Katova Skala rock taking Teplice hairpin turns

Hiking program in Turiec

The territory of Turiec region stretches in the natural basin surrounded by the mountain ranges of Veľká Fatra (The Greater Fatra), Malá Fatra (The Lesser Fatra), Kremnické vrchy (Kremnica Mountains) and Žiar. The Turiec River is the centre line of the basin.

Veľká Fatra
It stretches in a north-south direction from Ružomberok to the Malý Šturec saddle. Almost the entire main ridge has a character of bald mountain meadows. Excellent lookout points on Krížna (1,574 m), Ploská (1,532 m), Borišov (1,509 m) and Rakytov (1,567 m) provide excellent hiking opportunities with the possibility of accommodation in chalets at Kráľova studňa, the Chalet Below Borišov, Smrekovica and Malinô Brdo.

Gader Valley and its continuation Dedošova valley is considered one of the most beautiful valleys of Slovakia. The section from Necpalská valley to Žarnovická valley is especially valuable from the botanical point of view. Montane flora of Tlstá (1,414 m), beautiful shiny limestone hilltop, is especially rich.

Malá Fatra 
One of Slovakia’s most beautiful mountain ranges. It emerges from Žilina and Turiec Basins like a massive rampart, extending from Kľak to Rozsutec in the north-east as a rolling arc. At Domašín, the mountain range is intersected by the meander of the Váh and separated into two parts: southern—the meadowy part with a vast and wide central ridge; northern—the Kriváň mountains part with the gently undulated sharp ridge.

The main tourist centres in both summer and winter are: Vrátna valley, Martinské hole and Fačkovské sedlo. The densely populated foothills abound in rich cultural monuments, mansions, and castles. Unforgettable are the
views from Rozsutec (1,610 m), Veľký Kriváň (1,709 m), Veľká lúka (1,475 m), or Kľak (1,351 m).

Hike Destinations:
Jasenská Valley, Snowland – Valčianska dolina, Martinky – Martinské hole, The Révay
Family Park in Mošovce, Klačianska Magura, Veľký Kriváň, Ostrá, Tlstá, Chleb, Gader Valley, Blatnická Dolina valley, Necpalská Dolina valley, Kláštorské lúky, Turiec Trunk Route, Šútovo Waterfall, Borišov, Lysec, Drienok, the observation tower on the Peak of Krahule.

Castles: Sklabiňa, Blatnica, Zniev

Waterfalls: Šútovo

Chalets: Kľačianska Magura, Chleb, Borišov, Martinské hole, Havranovo



Martin’s Stráne–Start of the HZS Via Ferrata–Ráztoka–Martinské hole–Martin’s Stráne

Length of the Route:12.3 km
Vertical Distance: +785 m, – 785m
Time: 4 h 20 min

Places of Interest

Canyon of the Pivovarský potok, waterfalls and cascades of the stream. The educational trail about the biodiversity of the local mountains, examples of old mining equipment

Route description:

The HZS Via Ferrata is accessible from the terminal bus stop in Stráne, continuing along the Pivovarský potok stream to Martinské hole. The lower part is two-way, also suitable for families with children, and the upper part is technical and one-way, only for ascents from the bottom to the top, for the more able hikers. It is fixed in the canyon of the Pivovarský stream, its upper part is divided into B section (easier) and C section (more difficult). B and C routes meet at an altitude of 1,250 m above sea level. Then the trail continues for 10 minutes to join the blue-marked hiking trail that easily takes you to the chalets of Martinské hole. From there it is possible to ascend to the highest point of the Meadowy Lesser Fatra—Veľká Lúka. You can finish the Via Ferrata tour by descending from Martinské hole following the yellow-marked trail down to the starting point—the municipal bus stop in Stráne.

The educational trail and Via Ferrata are open from June 1 to September 14 and from November 1 to April 14 only. A Via Ferrata set, consisting of a helmet, a sit harness, a shock absorber, and gloves, is recommended.

Alternative Possibilities:

1. About halfway up the ascent, it is possible to depart from the red-marked trail and continue to the Partisan Cannon at “Hodinovka” (2 hours), or to Martinské Hole following the yellow-marked trail (3.5 hours). By doing so you will bypass the section where you need to belay yourself; suitable for families with smaller children.
2. After having some refreshment at Martinské Hole, it will take you only 30 minutes to get to the Krížava TV tower, where you can turn to the red-marked trail, which leads along the main ridge in a northerly direction to Minčol (1h 10min).
3. On your way back, you can take a downhill ride (7km) on an off-road scooter.



Šútovo–Šútovo Waterfall–Moses Springs–Chalet Below Chleb–Šútovo

Length of the Route:15 km
Vertical Distance: +1030 m, – 1030m
Time: 6 hrs.

Places of Interest

Šútovo Waterfall—the largest waterfall in the Malá Fatra (Lesser Fatra) mountain range is 38 m tall Nature trail in the Šútovská Dolina valley, which provides information about the Malá Fatra National Park—its flora, fauna and forests

Route description:

The walk to Šútovo Waterfall is undemanding, ideal for families with children. The route starts on a tar road with the Šútovský stream flows on the right side. It continues through the forest to the waterfall cottage with the possibility of refreshments. From the cottage, the trail continues for another 3 km to the Šútovo Waterfall, which is the largest in the Malá Fatra (Lesser Fatra) mountain range and ranks among the most beautiful in the whole of Slovakia. More able-bodied hikers can continue from the waterfall to the steep path leading up to the Moses Springs (1,140 m above sea level), and from there to the Chalet Below Chleb and the main ridge of Malá Fatra. We can get back taking the the same path, or the green-marked trail.

Route Alternative:

Šútovo Waterfall and back (8.6 km, +/-315m, 2h 20min)

Veľká Fatra (The Greater Fatra): Tlstá and Ostrá mountains


Blatnica–Vápenná Dolina valley–Tlstá–Ostrá–Muráň–The Mouth of Konský Dol–Blatnica

Length of the Route:16.4km
Vertical Distance: +1,058 m, -1058 m
Time: 6h 40min

Places of Interest

Blatnická dolina valley, Blatnica Castle, Blatnica Monument, Tlstá, Ostrá, Mažarná Cave.

Route Description:

Difficult, challenging and long route with a steep ascent. Orientation on the route is easy. On steep slopes, caution must be exercised, especially in the rainy days. Like all hikes in the jagged part of Veľká Fatra (Greater Fatra) mountain range, it ranks among one of the extremely scenic and attractive landscape trips with magnificent views of the Turiec Basin, as well as the entire ridge of Veľká Fatra. From an altitude of approximately 700 m, high rock terraces and massive cliffs, which can also be seen from the Turiec Basin, rise. You can find here also one of the largest caves of Veľká Fatra mountains range—Mažarná. The interior of the Mažarná Cave is not open to the public, so tourists must be satisfied with admiring its magnificent entrance portal.

Alternative Possibilities:

1. Blatnica–Vápenná Dolina valley–Tlstá–MuráňThe Mouth of Konský Dol–Blatnica. (13.4 km, +/-915m, 5h 50min)
2. Blatnica–The Mouth of Juriašová Dolina valley–Ostrá–Muráň–The Mouth of Konský Dol–Blatnica (13.2 km, +/-850m, 4h 55min)



Lysec Chalet–Lysec–Medzijarky–Kašová–Lysec Chalet

Length of the Route:11.7 km
Vertical Distance: +841 m, -876 m
Time: 4h 40min

Places of Interest

Lysec mountain summit—a dominant mountain in the Veľká Fatra National Park, with views of the mountains of Veľká and Malá Fatra ranges.

Route description:

Moderately difficult hike. It starts in Jasenská Dolina valley near Lysec Chalet. From the chalet, the path rises steeply through the forest up to the top. The top is suitable for a break, refreshments and enjoying the panoramic views. Following the yellow signs from the top, we descend to the place called “Pod Medzijarkami.” From there we go back to Kašová in Jasenská Dolina valley, following the green signs. You can also start the walking tour at the bus stop in the village of Belá-Dulice. After following the blue-marked trail for about an hour, we arrive at the Lysec Chalet, where the ascent to the top begins. And taking the same route after returning to Kašová, you can get to the village of Belá-Dulice in about 40min.

Alternative Possibilities:

Kašová–Lysec–Malý Lysec–Jarabiná–Mažiarky–Lysec Chalet–Kašová (22.9 km, +/-1,530 m, 8h 20min) challenging hike for demanding hikers



: Turčianska Štiavnička–Teplice hairpin turns–Katova Skala

Length of the Route:12 km
Vertical Distance: +400 m, – 400 m
Time: 3 hrs.

Places of Interest

Révay Family Mausoleum, Ján Kostra’s Birth House, Slavic Idol, Sklabiňa Castle—ruins, Sučany Castle—archaeological site

Route Description:

Teplica hairpins (named after Teplica hill) is a very attractive place for tourists. The dense forest, a string of small lakes and gurgling water, together with the fact that it is a relatively little-known and rarely visited place, make it a real oasis of peace. The starting point of the hike to the hairpins is a gazebo at the mineral spring by the road at the southern end of Turčianska Štiavnička. The trail passing through the locality is unmarked, but clearly visible. Passing the trail along is not difficult, even families with children can finish it without a problem. On the right-hand side at the top is a lookout. Taking to the left to a forest road, you can traverse the massif of Dvoriská hill and Katova Skala (The Executioner’s Rock) to get to the ridge through the final steep path and a while later to the red-marked trail, which will take you to the very rock of Katova Skala

Alternative Possibilities:

Kašová–Lysec–Malý Lysec–Jarabiná–Mažiarky–Lysec Chalet–Kašová (22.9 km, +/-1,530 m, 8h 20min) challenging hike for demanding hikers


Crossing of Krivánska Malá Fatra:

Strečno–Chalet Below Suchý–Suchý–Malý Kriváň–Veľký Kriváň–Chalet Below Chleb–Šútovo

Crossing of Veľká Fatra:

Horný Harmanec–Kráľova Studňa–Krížna–Ostredok–Ploská–Chalet Below Borišov–Havranovo–Belá-Dulice


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