Thematic cycling routes for exploring the history of Turiec

Thematic cycling routes
For those who are fond of both biking and culture, there are the thematic cycling routes to explore the history of Turiec in significant places associated with the history of Turiec and the Slovak nation.  The thematic routes are clearly marked on the cycling signposts and panels at 16 locations in the region:
  • The Castle Road of Turiec - a route dedicated to the ruins of medieval castles in Turiec.  You will have an opportunity to visit the ruins of three medieval castles - the Znievsky, Blatnický and Sklabinský castles.
  • The Gothic Road of Turiec - a route devoted mostly to sacral monuments of Turiec.  The cycling route leads along a number of interesting Gothic churches and ends in the only wooden Gothic church in Turiec, located in the Museum of the Slovak Village.
  • Visiting the Nobility of Turiec  - a learning route dedicated to the residences of noble families in Turiec.  Along the cycling route, you will see a numerous gentry mansions and manor houses in different villages of the region.
  • The National History Route - a trail dedicated to the history of the national movement of Slovaks associated with the region Turiec.  The route leads through major sites linked to the lives of Slovak personalities. The route's destination is the city of Martin that once determined the course of the Slovak nation's history.
  • Those Who Made Turiec Famous - a route dedicated to outstanding personalities of Turiec.  The cycling route goes through all parts of Turiec and offers a trip to the birthplaces of major figures of the cultural and social life.
  • The Railway's History - a route dedicated to the history of the railway transport in Turiec.  The route follows parts of the two oldest railway sections in Turiec. You have a unique opportunity to visit the Railway Museum in a former depot of Vrútky.
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