Tips for cycling throughout the Veľká Fatra

Tips for cycling throughout the Veľká Fatra
Foothills of Veľká Fatra: 
Sklabiňa – Belá Dulice – Necpaly – Folkušová – Blatnica – Mošovce – Turčianske Teplice
Marked cycling route through the picturesque region of rapidly changing sceneries.
Trough the Necpalská Valley:
Necpaly – Smrekov – Balcierovo (and back)
An easy bike trip to see the nature's beauties.
Gaderská & Dedošova Valleys:
Blatnica – Dedošova Valley – Drobkov – Veterné (and back)
A biking trail passing through one of the most famous valleys in Slovakia that is among the most favourite destination not just for bikers, but hikers too.
Belianska Valley:
Bela - Mouth of the Slávkova Valley- Havranovo (and back)
An easy trail that can be enriched by a visit to the Došná waterfall (15 minutes of walking from the Havranovo Cottage).
The Turiec Cycling Circuit:
Blatnica – Folkušová – Ďanová – Rakovo – Príbovce – Benice – Valča – Kláštor pod Znievom – Socovce – Blažovce – Jazernica – Ivančiná – Veľký Čepčín – Turčianske Teplice – Turčiansky Michal – Mošovce – Blatnica
A 52 kilometre circuit for physically more experienced cyclists, which passes most villages of the Turiec region.
For lovers of cycling, nature and culture, we also recommend six thematic routes "Exploring the History of Turiec".
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