Winter in Turiec
Discover the magic of winter landscape and let yourself be tempted by the spectacular atmosphere of the Turiec Region covered with white blanket of snow. There is a variety of winter sports waiting for you, as well as wonderful views of the surrounding countryside in the peaceful idyll of the snowy ridges of the Veľká Fatra and the Malá Fatra.

The Turiec Region is also very generous to skiers and has endowed us with three ski resorts - Jasenská dolina (valley), Snowland Valčianska dolina (valley) and Martinky (Martinské hole). Come to ski too! Perfectly equipped ski resorts, excellent slopes, four- or six-seat lifts, ski schools, services and rentals, snack bars and restaurants ... - all this is waiting for you! The experience from skiing may be enhanced by various cultural and sports events, such as the Winter Fun (Turčianske radovánky) in the Turiec Region.

Winter hiking
Put on your walking shoes, admire the beauty created by nature, and enjoy the diverse views of the surrounding countryside. Here, all mountain lovers will find what they are looking for and bring home unforgettable memories of the magnificent winter atmosphere in the Turiec Region., Maybe you'll come back home frozen stiff and tired after walking in the fresh air, but certainly happy and fulfilled. We believe that you’ll fall in love with this region in winter!

Here are some tips for winter trips in the Malá Fatra or the Veľká Fatra. Choose from a variety of easy to the most demanding routes, and discover the nature of the Fatra mountain ranges from different angles, spiced up with a dash of adrenaline. Try touring skiing to Chleb and Kriváň, or an easy tour to Lysec. The views "from above" will be worth it!