Jasenská dolina

Stredisko Jasenská dolina
It is located on the Turiec's side of the Veľká Fatra, only 12 km away from Martin. Snowy trails attract skiers, snowboarders, sledders, ski tourers, and cross-country skiers. There are 9 ski trails in different degrees of difficulty, 7 ski lifts, 1 four-seat lift, ski lift for children, ski and snowboard school, snow tubing, evening skiing, 3 cross-country skiing trails in length of 7 km, hiking trails, etc. The winter season usually lasts from December to April.

Ski resort's facilities
• 6 ski lifts in Kašová + 1 lift in Lehota
• 6 ski trails in Kašovej + 3 ski trails in Lehota
• 4-seat ski lift
• ski lift for children
• snow tubing (with a separate ski lift)
• cross-country skiing trails  
• evening skiing
• artificial snow 
• ice skating area
• ski courses 
• snowboard school
• ski service and repairs
• ski equipment rental
• ski equipment retail shop
• free parking

• buffet
• restaurant
• accommodation
• information centre
• luggage room


Price list
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Opening hours
Winter season: every day from 9:00 to 20:00.
Evening skiing: every day from 16:30 to 20:00.
Ski bus (Vrútky ↔ Jasenská dolina)

Jasenská dolina, 038 11 Belá-Dulice
+421 /43/429 7717

Snow conditions
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