Marked cycling routes in Turiec

Značené cyklotrasy v Turci
In the region there are cycling routes long 415 km that are marked and upkept with strong exploring undertone. The cycling routes will lead you to discover valleys of Turiec, its nature and history. Newly built observation towers will provide you with beautiful view of surrounding uplands. Both pleasant plains and challenging routes with steep climbs and descents await you.

Tips for cycling throughout the Veľká Fatra

Cyklovýlet po Veľkej Fatre
Have a look at our tips: foothills of Veľká Fatra, through the Necpalská Valley, Gaderská and Dedošova Valleys, Belianska Valley, the Turiec Cycling Circuit

Tips for cycling throughout the Malá Fatra

Cyklotúra v Malej Fatre
Check out our tips: foothill of the Lučanská Malá Fatra, circuit Martinské hole, throught mountainsides of Martinké hole, Saračníky, foothill of the Krivánska Malá Fatra, to Magura.

For more demanding cycling enthusiasts

more demanding cycling enthusiasts
Enthusiastic cyclists can enjoy a 100 km-long circuit formed by the Turčianska magistrála side road and the Znievska cyklocesta cycling route. Cyclists with a lust for adventures might also be interested in the international long-distance cycling route (164 km) starting in the city of Martin and ending in the Polish town of Bielsko-Biala. During this long bike tour you can enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings, as well as many historical sights and attractions.

Thematic cycling routes for exploring the history of Turiec

Tematické trasy Turca
For those who are fond of both biking and culture, there are the thematic cycling routes to explore the history of Turiec in significant places associated with the history of Turiec and the Slovak nation.  The thematic routes are clearly marked on the cycling signposts and panels at 16 locations in the region.